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About Us:

  • Over 24 years experience in the alternative energy business
  • We will complete and submit the utility application for you with all the required drawings
  • Our warehouse is fully stocked –  we don’t work in a garage or backyard
  • We are fully insured and have Worksafe BC coverage
  • All our systems meet the current BC electrical code
  • We use Licensed Electricians who will provide the permit needed
  • All our systems are complete! If ordering from an on-line store, be aware that the system may not meet the current BC electrical code & that all parts may not be included
  • For shingle roofs, we use Kinetic Racking with Flashing to protect against leaks…using L-feet & a sealant is not an adequate alternative!
  • Options are available for all roof types including metal roofs
  • We manufacture both Ground and Top of Pole Mounts in our warehouse
  • All the pictures in our catalogues are from our installations. Like what you see…call us and let our team of professionals install a quality system for you

Generating your own power with a solar PV system is now an affordable option.

Solar PV prices have now dropped to a level that payback for your system could be realized in as little as 8 years depending on system size, southern exposure and utility price increases.

With both major utility companies, BC Hydro & Fortis Power, adopting the two tiered rate schedule it makes sense to include solar in your energy plan. Smart Meters are Grid-Tie ready.

Most systems are mounted flush on the roof. This requires good southern exposure and enough roof space available for the panels. Each kilowatt of solar PV requires approximately 100 square feet of space.

A solar electric system can last upwards of 30 years with little or no maintenance. A Grid-Tie system will add value to your home if or when you should decide to sell.

Today’s systems are approximately 95% efficient with almost all the power generated being utilized in your home and any excess being sent to the grid.

Micro hydro and Wind systems are available. They are not listed in our catalogue as each is site specific. Please call for an assessment.

Commercial Grid-Tie systems available. Call for a no obligation consultation.

Phone: 250-769-2843