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Our commitment to our customers

At IPS the safety of our customers and installers is our number one objective.

Given the current concerns about the COVID-19 virus,we are taking actions to mitigate the

potential transfer of the virus. IPS is committed to honouring our construction schedule as best

we can with present and future impact of the virus on the supply chain.


IPS Precautionary Work Procedure:

1) All Employees are to adhere to the 6’ social distance from the home owner or other construction contractors.

2) All employees will have 70% alcohol solution kits to wipe down all affected surfaces touched in the house during the installation    i.e. electrical panel, door knobs, cables, light switches etc.

3) The majority of our work happens on the roof, but all surfaces that could possibly be handled by other contractors will be sanitized.

4) If at all possible, home owners would be encouraged to keep a distance from the installers and communication directly with the estimator/project manager on file.

Thank you again for choosing IPS as your solar contractor. Together we can move forward in this time of uncertainty.