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Generating your own solar power with a solar PV system is now an affordable option. Solar PV prices have now dropped to a level that payback for your system could be realized in as little as 8 years depending on system size, southern exposure and utility price increases. With both major utility companies, BC Hydro & Fortis Power, adopting the two tiered rate schedule it makes sense to include solar in your energy plan.

Most systems are mounted flush on the roof. This requires good southern exposure and enough roof space available for the panels. Each kilowatt of solar PV requires approximately 100 square feet of space.

A solar electric system can last upwards of 30 years with little or no maintenance. This type of system will add value to your home if you should decide to sell. Today’s systems are approximately 95% efficient with almost all the power generated being utilized in your home and any excess being sent to the grid. Micro hydro systems are available. They are not listed in our catalogue as each is site specific. Please call for an assessment.

  • Please note what products you already have (water pump, generator etc.),
  • If you are going to be running heavier power loads …such as power tools or a well pump
  • What your average length of stay will be …or will you be there full time
  • Anyfuture plans that will impact your power requirements … for example more people living at your house
  • This information is necessary when designing your system and a layout of your property is also helpful!

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