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Solar Power Systems Explained: Off-Grid Systems

Solar Power Systems Explained: Our off-grid systemsoff grid system diagram will provide your home with a completely autonomous supply of electricity. Most systems use solar power systems, however a wind generator, micro-hydro generator, and/or a fuel generator can also be incorporated into our systems.

 Back-Up SystemsBackup power system diagram

Grid connected homes can benefit from having a backup power system. When a power failure occurs, the inverter will automatically detect it and instantly switch to the backup power stored in the battery bank. When the grid power comes back on, the batteries will then be recharged and ready for the next power failure. Imagine being the only home on the block with power.


Grid-Tie System & Backup Power

This system is foPower Systems Explained: Grid-Tie System & Backup Powerr homes that are connected to the grid, and want to incorporate a renewable energy (RE) system with backup power. A grid-tie system allows any excess energy that is generated to be sold back to the utility company, and allows the grid to act as an additional energy source to charge the systems batteries. If the grid should fail, the inverter will automatically supply energy from the batteries and the RE sources, to support your homes electrical needs.


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