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There are many choices when it comes to backup power generators and primary power generators, from small portable gasoline units to prime power commercial diesel generators.

When choosing a generator, it needs to be a part of the overall design, as sizing is important. For most weekend cabins or occasional use, a portable unit will work fine. Full time off grid homes require a standby propane or a prime power rated diesel unit. If you are buying a standby generator, it most likely is not warranted or appropriate for off-grid use.

Small portable generators are an excellent backup power generator for smaller systems. The newer inverter type are much quieter and more efficient than the older type generators. Be sure to get one that is large enough and buy a quality unit. Typical running hours per year is under 250 with a correctly designed system.

Propane backup power Kohler generator
Kohler Generator

Kohler Propane Generators

Off-Grid Generators available in:

  • 14kW AC or 6kW DC

Standby/Back-up Generators available in:

  • 8kW to 48 kW

Primary Power Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are robust and long lasting. We have seen many that have been well maintained exceed 30,000 hours. The negative side is the cost compared to propane units. They do work well for larger homes and lodges and are quite efficient. When considering purchasing, stay with a name brand and be sure to get a prime power unit, as there are a lot of lower grade diesel generators for sale at low prices. Typical running hours per year can be more than 1500 hours plus.

We have diesel generators available in sizes from 11 kW to 50 kW

We supply generators and help choose the correct unit for the application.

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Diesel Backup power Generator
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