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Leaders in the Alternative Energy Industry

IPS Integrated Power Systems has been serving Western Canada since 1993. It’s all we do. We have a fully stocked 3600 sq ft warehouse and the equipment to do the job right!

As leaders in the alternative energy industry, we provide the latest and most up-to-date products and designs available. We are continually researching products and discussing with our suppliers new and innovative ways to approach power solutions. With so many different systems available, we take the time to discuss your needs so you can make the best informed choice. You will get the system that is right for you!

Renewable Energy Design & Planning

We have the knowledge and expertise to custom design a system specifically to meet your needs and incorporate what power sources you have available – solar, wind, hydro, or generator. We can design a system using one or all of your power sources to provide your home or business with safe reliable electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OUR SYSTEMS WORK!

We have the equipment to do a proper site check before the designing begins. This ensures whichever is used, be it solar, wind and/or hydro, it is the most viable and practical solution to your power requirements. When planning a stand-alone residential/cabin/lodge system, a careful analysis of the household power consumption needs to be made. We have made this easier for you by including a Power Consumption Table and a worksheet called “Let’s Size Your System”.

Efficient Solar

If we told you we could increase your solar panels efficiency by up to 30% just by adding one low cost component, would you be intrigued and interested? Read all about Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology and judge for yourself.

System Monitoring

Would you buy and drive a car without a gas gauge? No, of course you wouldn’t! That’s why we use a variety of metering systems, depending on the system size and how much information you need or want to know regarding the day to day operation of the system (“amp-hours used”, “battery percent full”, etc.). See Battery System Monitoring.

Factory Authorized Warranty Depot

We know inverters! We are a factory authorized warranty depot for Magnum Energy. All our systems use pure sine wave inverters.

Competitive Prices and Stock

All our prices are landed cost to Kelowna, BC Canada. Our warehouse is stocked with all of the latest products . There are no extra charges such as brokerage, duty, etc. added (only the applicable taxes). The prices listed are subject to change without notice.


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