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Thank you everyone for coming out to the Green Energy Doors Open 2017 Event in September!

Special thanks to Erik from BCSEA and Nigel from Off The Grid Organic Winery. Here are a few pictures, videos, and audio clips of the event, stay tuned for some videos and more audio highlights!

Lars Jensen President of IPS Integrated Power Systems talks about living off-grid, going solar in the 90’s, and starting his company.

Lars explains why solar panels are 1 of his 3 favourite things, discusses Net Metering with BC Hydro and Fortis, and talks about Solar Edge Grid-Tie Systems and micro inverters.

Video Summary: Nigel from Off the Grid Organic Winery discusses his companies’ decision to go solar, Door Prize give-away, and Q&A session.

The calm before the storm
Erik Hrabovsky from BCSEA discussing renewable energy opportunities in the Okanagan.
Barry Milner discussing the economics of grid-tie solar power systems.
Frances Warner of Canadian Federation of University Women (Vernon branch) discusses Eco-Friendly Home Tours