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Commercial Grid-Tie Systems and Tax Savings for Industry

Solar Grid-Tie systems are not just for residential homes, Commercial Grid-Tie is a viable option for businesses looking for alternative energy options.

The Government of Canada makes clean energy projects, such as solar energy, wind energy and energy from waste, more fiscally attractive for industry by providing business income tax incentives.

Capital costs of systems that produce energy by using renewable energy sources or fuels from waste, or conserve energy by using fuel more efficiently are eligible for accelerated capital cost allowance.  Under Class 43.1, eligible equipment may be written-off at 30 percent per year on a declining balance basis.

In general, equipment that is eligible for Class 43.1 but is acquired after February 22, 2005 and before year 2020 may be written-off at 50 percent per year on a declining balance basis under Class 43.2. Without these accelerated write-offs, many of these assets would be depreciated for income tax purposes at annual rates between 4 and 30 percent. More of this article can be found on Natural Resources of Canada Website:


Off the Grid Organic Winery

A family owned 5th generation winery located at 3623 Glencoe Rd, West Kelowna, BC V4T 1L8. Off the Grid Organic Winery features a straw bale building, solar power, and goats living on the grass roof. Picnic area, yoga and events are also offered.

IPS Integrated Power Systems Warehouse

We have recently installed the first stage of a SolarEdge commercial grid-tie system on the roof of our warehouse located at #101 – 2387 Dominion Rd in West Kelowna  Online web monitoring of our solar production can be seen here:

IPS Integrated Power Systems installed a Grid Tie System on the arena for the Village of Nakusp in BC. 

As Nakusp is the emergency response center for the area and cannot be without power, the system also included a battery bank for power storage. In the event the utility grid goes down, the essential services needed will continue to be powered.

The custom solar panel mounting system on the arena roof was designed, engineered, and built by IPS Integrated Power Systems

Off Grid System at Beaver Lake Lodge

The 20 kW solar array that we installed at Beaver Lake Lodge has drastically cut their generator run time, which in turn has resulted in a huge reduction in diesel fuel consumption.

The generator had been running 24/7 and now with the addition of the solar array, it runs for as little as a couple of hours per day.

With this system, we included a Mag Web which allows us to monitor the system over the internet.

This Quad Inverter System from Magnum Energy was the first to be installed in Canada.

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