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Renewable Energy with a Wind Turbine

We can custom design a system with a wind turbine to suit your needs. Also available are tower systems and other wind accessories. However, the question that needs to be asked is…
Wind-Testing- Equipment for grid-tie systems
Do you have enough wind for a wind turbine?

In order to answer “yes” to this question, you need to feel annoyed by the wind when you go outside your home. We are not talking just a light breeze or gusts of wind, we mean really bothered by it! Do your trees look similar to the one in the picture? Flagged TreeThis is called “flagging” and it is caused by the tree being continually bombarded by wind as it grew. If your trees are like this, then you should have enough wind to make a turbine viable.

If you are not sure, we do have wind data logging equipment available to rent. Call for more info.


At IPS Integrated Power Systems, we have the expertise and knowledge to design a system specifically to meet your power needs using the power sources you have available – solar, wind, hydro, or generator. No matter your energy source, we can build a system to provide your home or business with safe reliable electricity 24/7.

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