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This system is designed to be connected to the utility grid(grid-tie) and has the added benefit of a battery bank which will provide you with power when the utility grid goes down.

Grid-Tie ready solar kits with Battery Back-up Powered by Outback Radian – Available in 2 sizes: 4000 watt or 8000 watt inverter

grid-tie ready solar kits

There are so many variables to consider with this type of system: size of loads & run time needed. Solar & Batteries will be designed to suit your needs.

If you are already connected to the utility grid and are interested in a Grid-Tie System, you can download our IPS Grid-Tie Catalogue here. Systems available with or without battery back-up.


Grid-Tie with Battery back-up
Grid-Tie with Battery Back-up installed on the Nakusp arena in 2009