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Switch to Lead Carbon Batteries

Maintenance Free – Designed for Partial State of Charge Applications

PSOC Applications:

• Off-Grid Cabins, Homes & Grid-Tie Battery Back-up

• Recreational, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

• Marine Battery Replacement

lead carbon 12V battery
Please Note: Lead Carbon batteries require a proper Coulomb counting battery monitor for warranty eligibility.


Specifically Designed for Partial State of Charge Applications

• 2800 cycles @50% Depth of Discharge

• Precision Sealing Technology

• Suitable for Cold Temperature Usage

• 98% Recyclability


Nominal Voltage: 12V
Nominal Capacity: 150Ah(20hr)
Weight: 42.5kg(93.7lbs)
Dimensions: 48.3×17×24 cm – 19×6.7×9.5 inches

Group 4D Replacement

SWE12-150 spec. sheet: Switch to Lead Carbon Batteries SWE12-150

Also Available in 12V 100Ah

and 6V L-16



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