Is your roof suitable for solar power?


 Flat Roof Solar Panel Installations

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Metal Roof Solar Panel Installations

Do you have a roof that can support solar panels?

IPS will send one of our technicians to your home to do a site check and evaluate whether your roof is suitable for  solar panels. 

We will make sure your roof is in good shape structurally. If your roof will need a renovation a few years down the road, it’ll be easier to take care of that before the array goes up. That way, you won’t have to spend more money later on to disconnect your panels during the roof renovation and put them up again afterwards.

Solar Pathfinder
Solar Pathfinder

How much sun does your roof get?

Ideally, a south-facing roof would be the best, although you can certainly benefit from solar panels with a less than perfect roof . Our installers  use a tool called a  Solar Pathfinder, which will work out how much sun your panels are likely to be able to capture.

This is very important. If your roof is covered in shade most of the day throughout the year, it might not have a favorable enough “solar window” to justify the costs of panels. That’s something we will assess before moving forward.

Once you pass the roof test, then we will sit down with you and assess how powerful you need your system to be based on past and future electricity consumption.


Are there any other options other than installing panels on a roof?

If your roof  isn’t suitable for solar panels, you don’t have to give up on solar power.  Solar Panels can also be installed on  Ground Mounts  or Top of Pole  Mounts.



If your roof looks like this, you’ve got some work to do!